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Data Visualization & Product Analytics

Product-driven teams know and understand the importance of monitoring and examining their product funnels. But teams often stop there, and don't consider how data visualization and product analytics can enable other departments. In this lesson we'll talk about this capability and why it matters.

  • A product Analytics suite is a UI that collects user/event data and makes is easy to ask questions and get answers.
  • This process is accomplished through charts based on product data (users and events).
  • Without Product analytics tools, teams will be limited to using challenging, legacy languages, like SQL. The solution is to democratize data, making it easy for all members of the team, but especially product and marketing, to access vital tools and information.

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Data Warehousing & Data Lakes

In this lesson, we'll wrap Section 2 by defining and being specific about the role of data warehousing and data lakes to a marketing technologist.

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