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Documentation & Codification Best Practices

Good marketing technology lives and dies by its documentation. In this lesson, we'll talk about the importance of documentation, and provide some best practicies around codifying your martech stack and knowledge so that your system outlives any single individual.

  • It's important to document and codify your tech stack for simplification for knowledge transfer between employees, building a martech team and to provide context.
  • Create a document to capture your martech stack, including a martech architecture diagram, intitial data plan/schema, and list the various capabilities and tools.
  • Describe important policies and processes and anything else of technical relevance to give all teams a way to collaborate and build a healthy martech system.

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Security & Administration Best Practices

Most people don't think about security and administration of a martech stack until it's too late. In this lesson we'll talk about some of the commonly overlooked details of securing your tools, and provide some best practicies on how to administate your stack properly and in a scale-able fashion.

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