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Creating a Basic CDP Layer with Segment

The core of a martech stack is its analytics infrastructure layer. Modern martech stacks typically rely on a CDP to do this. Here we will setup a CDP - Segment - demonstrate how to track events and traits, and start piping data between different sources and destinations.

  • Building upon what we covered in the first portion of the lesson, we cover Segment and how to use this CDP to track basic marketing analytics.
  • Next, we should you how you can connect Segment to various upstream (sources) and downstream (destination) connections.
  • A modern martech stack revolves around a data layer, so this is an important lesson and skill in being able to setup a stack.

Slides for this lesson embedded below.

Sendgrid API KEY for Customer.io 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

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