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High Level Impacts and Martech Stack Effects

Besides understanding the key components, it's important to understand the key takeaways and high leve impacts. In this video we'll talk about what to expect from iOS 14 and how it will impact marketing today, including various tools such as CDPs, attribution tools, affiliate networks, engagement tools, and product analytics tools.

  • IDFA can only be collected if the user agrees to let you collect it.
  • Apple says you can’t collect nearly any identifiable information to construct a known identity.
  • SRNs and other networks are given attribution information via Apple.
  • Myriad of effects to stack including to CDPs, attribution providers, engagement tools and product analytics tools.

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Key Technical Terms

In this short video we cover the key technical componenets and terms you must know to be successful in navigating and operating in the new world of iOS 14. Terms include: IDFA, IDFV, URLs & URIs, How Attribution Works, MMPs, SRNs, Fingerprinting, SKAdNetwork, ATT Framework, Conversion Value.