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Key Technical Terms

In this short video we cover the key technical componenets and terms you must know to be successful in navigating and operating in the new world of iOS 14. Terms include: IDFA, IDFV, URLs & URIs, How Attribution Works, MMPs, SRNs, Fingerprinting, SKAdNetwork, ATT Framework, Conversion Value.

Some of the key terms you should know include ...

  • IDFA: Short for “Identifier for Advertisers”, this is a unique, resettable, 16 character code assigned to a user’s device.
  • Attribution: The process of identifying and assigning credit for an app install.
  • MMP: Short for “mobile measurement partner” coined by Facebook, these are attribution & deeplinking providers that receive attribution data directly from major advertising platforms.
  • Fingerprinting: Sometimes (confusingly) called probabilistic modeling, fingerprinting is the explicit process of creating a fingerprint of a user identity with various parameters accessible in a browser redirect or from a mobile app web view.
  • Probabilistic Modeling: Various definitions! But usually “predicting” the attribution based on a variety of techniques.
  • SKAdNetwork: A method that allows developers to validate advertising-driven installs.
  • ATT Framework: Three methods that when used together allow an app to collect IDFA.
  • Conversion Value: A 6-bit value that the ad network or app defines (64 possible values).
  • Apple Developer Policy: This is the policy that all developers (and therefore all apps) have to agree to. Apple put new language in their latest version to explicitly disallow fingerprinting, the unauthorized collection of IDFA, and other user-protective language that could be used to prevent an application from creating a unique user profile.

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