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In this short series, you'll learn everything you need to understand both what is happening in iOS 14, what to expect, the technical terms that will be relevant, and how to plan for success. Topics include: Introduction to iOS 14 (What it is, advent, timeline, jargon, risk profiling), High Level Impacts & Martech Stack Effects, Key Technical Terms - including IDFA, attribution, MMP, URI, fingerprinting, SKA Ad Network, ATT, SRN, iOS 14 Pillars, such as SKAdNetwork, ATT Framework, Conversion Value, Apple Policy (and its updates). Last we will also talk about Navigating iOS 14 Uncertainty, Assessing Risk, Formulating a Plan, Deploying Specific Tactics. This course is led in conjunction with Tony Rafetto and will be updated with content as the landscape around iOS 14 evolves in Spring 2021.


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