Location Data Fundamentals

Coby from Radar.io, a location infrastructure company, talks about the history of location data, why and how people often confuse location data types, what a modern marketer needs to know, and how you can use a variety of location data services to expand common martech capabilities.

  • We sit down with Coby Berman to explore the basics of location data, including its advent more than a decade ago.
  • When folks talk about location services, they mean many different things. Important to understand the nuances and go one layer deeper when consider location services for your martech stack.
  • SDK-based, location service providers, like Radar, are great for taking out of box functionality and plugging it into a modern stack - especially one that relies on CDP and data infrastructure layers.
  • We briefly touch on some of the use cases for a tool like Radar and similar location service providers.

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